Fifty million dollars for three weeks of your life in the hands of a total stranger. Would you do it?

When Naomi Lee finds herself out of a job and out of the money she needs to pay her father’s medical bills, she receives an anonymous letter, containing an offer she can’t refuse.

Max Marino, a wealthy businessman, wants her and he’ll pay any price.
Three weeks of her time, no-holds-barred, in exchange for fifty million dollars.
With no other means to pay her bills, Naomi has no choice but to accept.

However, Naomi isn’t the only one who signs the contract.
And Max isn’t alone in his deal.

Three brothers …
Nine girls …
All competing for the ultimate prize … marriage.

Let the games begin.

WARNING: contains explicit situations, dubious consent, graphic violence, and other disturbing content. Includes scenes involving multiple men & women being dirty together. Every boundary is crossed. Read at your own risk.



♥∞♥ 4 wicked STARS ♥∞♥

It was raw, with danger lurking at every turn of the page. All dark and twisty with bold characters and a ‘what the #uck is happening plot!!
I have been one of Clarissa Wild’s biggest fans since forever!!  I love her writing style, her wide variety of characters, and how the plot thickens with the turn of every page!  While this wasn’t my favorite book by this author, it was certainly up there!  Wicked Bride Games did NOT disappoint!

“This is tradition.  It’s how we’ve always done things in our family, and our generation is no different.  We search for the most qualified, smartest, most beautiful women alive and let them compete.”

This book was a complete mind-$uck!!  It was amazingly horrifying, it was horrifyingly deviant, and deviantly perfect!  (please ignore those terribly perfect words that absolutely describe this book!)  Could you imagine being offered $50 million dollars to marry someone?  Of course not!!!  Who does that – in real life anyway!  But there is SO MUCH MORE!  It’s like a freaking clown car!  Just when you think not one more can fit into that tiny car – ANOTHER SURPRISE knocks you on your a$$!!
Max and Naomi are interesting characters.  People that I’d be curious about in real life.  Naomi is strong, independent, and doesn’t know how to give up.  Max is an alpha-male.  He’s definitely got a dominate side, while being sweet all the same.  He is determined and successful.

“It’s what we do.  Who we are.  Fighters.  Winners.  Conquerors.  And in each other, we’ve found our match.”

Even with the complexity of the storyline/plot, it wasn’t hard to follow.  There were truths left out and secrets revealed.  I felt as if the characters became their true selves throughout the Games.  There were a few instances when I would never have predicted that Max or Naomi would have had that reaction.  For an avid reader as myself, I FLOVE that an author can make me do that!!