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Whiskey & Honey by Andrea Johnston


Title: Whiskey & Honey
Series: Country Road #1
Author: Andrea Johnston
Release Date: July 21, 2016


Guys have rules. Rule #1: You don’t date your sister’s best friend.

Bentley Sullivan hasn’t found the one. He’s always been the good guy – the gentleman. With one quick, and possibly irrational, decision everything changes. After a case of mistaken identity and a drunken kiss, Ben is convinced that the one is finally right in front of him. Only, she’s untouchable.

Girls have rules. Rule #1: You don’t date your best friend’s brother.

Piper Lawrence has not been successful in love. Almost as quickly as she swears off men, he comes into her life. Her childhood crush and the man who has set the standards for every man she’s ever dated, he is also the one man she can’t have.

A single kiss changes it all.

Buy Link:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/1UP7a60
Goodreads – http://bit.ly/28Wngc5

5 STARS!!!!

I loved everything about this book! The title, cover, blurb, and every word between the covers!

I’d never read Andrea Johnston but, after reading the blurb – I wanted to!! Best friends brother… YES please!!

The book started right off the first chapter – told by Ben. There was no slow build sort of thing. It was zero to loads of flirty banter and even a kissing selfie!! I loved both Ben and Piper. The chemistry was off the pages, the flirty banter was fantastic, the characters were superb, and the secrets – shh! – made this book one of favorites!

If your looking for a small town romance that grabs you and doesn’t let go – you must read this!
If your looking for a forbidden romance – you must read this!
If your looking for a fantastic summer read that will stay with you – you most definitely want to read this!!



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