“So much for destiny. This was more like fate’s idea of a practical joke.”

Monica Prescott, writer and world traveler, has everything she wants … except a man who’s free-spirited enough to join her for a life on the road. But when she bumps into Jason, the guy who broke her heart in college, she lets him think she’s engaged. It wouldn’t take much to fall for him again—and that’s one road she doesn’t want to go down.

Jason Moretti has a job he hates, and he’d like nothing better than to tell his boss to shove it. Then he runs into Monica, the girl he never got over. Thinking she’s settling down with a wealthy fiancé, he reinvents himself as an ambitious career man in a desperate bid to impress her.

Old feelings start to resurface, but Monica has trust issues and Jason doesn’t like risks. To top it off, Monica is leaving for Bangkok in two weeks—and she won’t be back anytime soon. Time is running out for them to come to terms with the past and embrace their wanderlust.





4.5 adventurous STARS!!!

Great job Thea Dawson!  This book has many, many things I love in a read!  It was sweet without giving the toothache. It was fast-paced, although told with parts of their lives 10 years before. It left me with no questions, no curiosity, no longing to know what happened. With no need to fill in the blanks.

Monica is a 29-year-old travel writer. She’s been to numerous countries and lives… well no where really. She’s always ready to navigate her next adventure. But 10 years ago, she made a decision that changed everything. She was in a very happy relationship with Jason. But when faced with the thoughts of a long distance love – he broke. She was headed to study abroad and he was begging her to stay. When Jason goes too far – there’s no break-up… they just sort of go their separate ways. No real closure.

The dual POV in this book was very insightful!  Great call by the author!!  It gave me an opportunity to feel what Monica and Jason felt, to figuratively live, breath, and walk in their shoes. Really brilliant!

So here we are 10 years later… And when they meet again, what happens is crazy!  When he thinks she’s engaged – she doesn’t correct him!  She’s starting her own business and he has a good job, but he hates it. Jason never stopped loving her.  He compared everyone to her.  And seeing her again is like heaven until he ‘learns’ she’s engaged. What ensues is a full-circle, time-doesn’t-matter love. It’s beautiful, full of angst, jam-packed with misunderstandings and the best epilogue – one year later!  The only thing to make this better – more of it!


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