One year ago, I became a missing person. I left everything behind—family, friends, school. It seemed like a good idea at the time. My only option, really, until I realized running from a police officer isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

It’s been exactly three-hundred and sixty-five days since I left home, but I’m finally ready to take the step I should have taken a year ago. I’m done hiding. I’m done running. I’m going to take my life back.

It was supposed to be easy. A meeting with Jason Pierce, a private investigator, was set up for me. All I had to do was go to him, let him do his thing, and then I could go home, or so I thought.

That is, until I met Jason and things got … complicated.




4.5  masterful STARS!!!

WOW!  What a wonderful ride that was!  I literally just finished this book!  It was SO good!  Generally speaking, the characters do it for me. Their interactions, banter, what makes them tick, and how they deal with circumstances. And the secondary casts – their loyalty, the way they most often supply comedic relief during some of the more angsty situations. BUT … this book is provided with one hell of a storyline that twists and turns!  With the amazing cast of characters – I loved every moment!!

I was sucked into this story. Like Ashley Stoyanoff played Jedi mind tricks – I never saw it coming! Seriously, the first line of the book … hook and line!

“I lost my life on my twentieth birthday.”

That was what really caught me – that was the sinker! Elena was written masterfully! She was a character I was drawn to. I wanted to jump into the book and help her, although at the time I still wasn’t sure why she was running and what or who she was running from. Elena was nervous nelly, cautious. At the same time, she was fierce and determined. There was so much more to her situation than meet the eye.

“I haven’t always been this timid, weak woman. I never used to be nervous all the time. I was outgoing. I liked to have fun and I was always up for meeting new people. I had dreams. I had plans. I was going to have a bright future. And then Peck happened. Things changed. I changed.”

Elena had been on the run and she wanted to stop. Just stop, deal with it, and live her life again. But she needed help. This was a situation she couldn’t deal with on her own. I won’t divulge how she meets Jason, but it was great! And the second meeting – forget about it! I found myself laughing out loud!  There were definitely moments I was smiling and laughing. But there were those moments, too, of feeling mad, angry, and even shocked!

Elena clearly had trust issues. But Jason was a sly one. He read her like a frigging book!  Scary good reading her! What made it more engaging, more entertaining, was reading both their voices. Excellent choice in writing dual POV!  Not only hearing her thoughts, concerns, and feelings, but we hear his as well.

“Jason with his voodoo mind reading talents …”

Jason always seemed to know how to calm her, made her feel safe. In turn they grow closer. And it wasn’t a gradual closeness. It was a sort of insta-love. But not in a cheesy or silly way. The problem that brought them together, in turn, kept them together. And although in part necessary, it was also subconscious actions. Jason felt protective of her, possessive even. He had this want for her, this need for her.

“Not sure what this is between us and I don’t know where it’s going, but I’m telling you right now, I sure”

I enjoyed this book tremendously! And I, for one, am ready for more PRG Investigations!!



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