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Dorrie Applegate just stumbled into a career-launching opportunity. The small-town Kentucky girl landed a gem of a position at Omni Publishing in New York City. Her first major assignment—writing a biography of one of the most sought-after male models in the world.

Grant Maxwell is at the apex of his career. Unfortunately the end of his run looms before him. At thirty-four, scores of younger, hungrier models nip at his heels, vying for his spot at the pinnacle of the fashion realm. And he has no earthly idea what to do next.

In the midst of an unlikely and tumultuous love affair with Grant, Dorrie is suddenly forced into making an agonizing decision. It’s a decision that shatters Grant’s heart.

Step onto the volatile runway of fashion modeling packed to the hilt with clashing egos, impossibly gorgeous men, backstabbing, and biting jealousy. And caught in the snare of the dramatic intrigue? Dorrie Applegate and Grant Maxwell.



4 ‘model’ STARS!!

Dottie Applegate had just landed her first big assignment. To write the biography of THE Grant Maxwell. Grant wa an ‘older’ model. 34. And when they met, sparks go flying!  Almost insta-love. But not in an eye-rolling way. It’s sexy, sensual, and in the world of Grant Maxwell the fact he’s attracted to get at all seems crazy. To Dorrie. He’s surrounded by all these super models. Why would he want her?

“Watching her Grant couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Ever. This woman had it all: intellect, a keen sense of humor, warmth, insight into his soul, an infallible sense of morals and ethics, and beauty – both inside and out. And a sex appeal he could not define.”

Grant was humble and modest .  Something his model persona didn’t fit with. He’s honest, genuine, and hella sexy!  But I think what drew Dorrie to him most was his kindness and intelligence. Dorrie was smart and didn’t let anyone talk firm to her – she was not a doormat!

But there was a moment in the book where I was completely and utterly disgusted with Dorrie. With her character traits, I could not believe she would do that. Even knowing how important her career was to her! I am still baffled… This thing Dorrie does decimated her and Grant’s relationship – professionally and personally.

But here, my book friends, was where I became glued!  Glued to every page! Julia Harlow exceeded my expectations!  Intrigued me to find out how they repair what’s broken. What I found great about the book overall was, the many ever-moving parts. A definite one-click author for me!!


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