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SUBLIME RESISTANCE (Sublime #2) by Charlene Zapata



When Maggie Wilson fell in love with Vincent Moreno, she thought she found her forever. He was the one who made her strong, giving her the courage to break free from her abusive mother. He gave her peace and comfort in a time when she needed it most. He was her everything.

It’s been a year since he said good-bye but he still haunts her thoughts and dreams. The memories of the time they shared cannot be erased no matter how hard she tries. Everything in her wants to move forward and forget her past. All of it. But she continues to be reminded of the life she left behind.

College is challenging but it’s the one part of her life she can control. That is until Asher Evans steps into the picture. He is nothing like Vincent but everything she needs right now. His friendship comes at a time when Maggie desperately needs a connection, something to ground her and help her move forward. But how do you open up when a piece of you is missing. 


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4.5 Stars!!‎

I was one of the incredibly lucky people to receive an ARC of this book!  And I couldn’t stand a single second of waiting to read more about the lovely Maggie, or Magnolia – I seriously love that name, and the sexy Vincent.

I must quickly mention 2 things… 1 – although this review will be shorter than most my feelings and thoughts run deep and wide. This is a book I will not ever forget! It is simply that I do not wish to spoil a single moment for you. And, 2 – I will read every book Charlene Zapata publishes!  Fantastic and witty writing that is easily ingested, touching every part of you, and leaving you feeling something. And isn’t that why we read?  To escape and just feel.

One of the issues Maggie was feeling that really had my mind spiraling was her mother. I despise her. But, Maggie can’t be who she’s striving to be if those horrendous hurdles weren’t placed in her path. 

“I want to move forward, but how can I if I can’t become the person I want to be without remembering the person I once was.”

Being a mother myself, I could barely stomach the harsh and violent tone of her black-hearted mother. Yet, she feels torn. There’s the obvious… don’t waste her time with trash but even after the abrasive and downright hateful and hurtful things her mother’s said, she’s still her mom and she still longing for that unconditional love from her.   Watching Maggie being confident, strong, and making no confusion of the fact she does indeed have a backbone, is truly inspiring.

Remember this is one year after we left off in book 1. I was going crazy turning pages like it was my job, feeling helpless for Maggie with her mom, her new friendships, and where the hell is Vincent?!! Well, Mr. Moreno fans, he is fluidly present throughout but doesn’t make an actual appearance until about 57%.  But as I said, don’t worry… there isn’t one part of this book that is fluff.  Every word, paragraph, and page are needed to really take this journey and to come full circle with Maggie and Vincent.

“The connection we have runs so deep. I feel it every time he looks at me. He makes me feel beautiful and wanted. I will never let go of him again.”

And, remember I mentioned tissues…

“That was God answering my prayers. Giving me a moment in time with…  A gift I could never repay.”

Pulling hard on my heart-strings, this moment in the book is unequivocally timeless. Everyone whose lost someone can relate to the need to see them one more time. One last conversation, or smile. To know they are watching over you from afar. I became incredibly emotional with Maggie, for Maggie. Happy, sad, confused, angry, hurt, elated, peaceful. A gamut of feelings running through me like a tidal wave. Crashing right into my heart. True poetry.

One final note to leave you – the last bit of the book is from Vincent’s POV. And it’s super-tastic and fan-fabulous. All rolled up into a wreckage that is met with no resistance while reading. It’s simply sublime.  (See what I did there?!)


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