After suffering a tragic accident as a child, Maggie Wilson has tried her whole life to regain the happiness she lost. She has been in survival mode ever since, dealing with a mentally unstable parent, having no one to turn to for help. Her desire to escape to a better future fuels her motivation and keeps her focused on what really matters, breaking free of the hell she lives in.

Things at home are complicated and it’s easier to push people away than allow them to get too close. She doesn’t let anyone into her life except her best friend Amanda. Maggie has perfected keeping secrets, maintaining her GPA and staying out of relationships. All her energy is put into her school work so that when she graduates she can leave for college and forget her past.

All of that changes when she meets Vincent Moreno. His reputation precedes him but she quickly discovers there is so much more to him than what you see on the surface. He manages to wiggle his way into her life despite her efforts to keep him at a distance. As Maggie starts to open up she realizes how much she needs someone like Vince in her life. They form a connection like no other and it has her reconsidering everything.



“Vincent Moreno stole my heart with his amazing love. I didn’t ask for this. I fought it from the very beginning. Because now, I’m left with the wreckage that was our relationship.”

WOW. WOW. WOW. Ohmigosh, where do I even start?! Basics… Heart-breaking. Gut wrenching. Raw. Powerful. Flawless. Beautiful. A most definite 6 STARS and a new favorite author!!! Charlene Zapata is brilliant! She weaves a tale of many layers with such proficiency and truth. A truth that, regardless of degree, any person can relate to.

“I chose not to let these things destroy me but rather build me into the person I am meant to be.”

Let’s start with the characters… Maggie. Just how did we get the name for Magnolia Pearl Wilson?! I love it! It’s beautiful and fits her to a tee! Maggie is an exceptional being. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and most impressively, resilient. Now we see do many characters written with these same traits, yet Maggie stands out above them all! Maggie has been dealt the worst hand in history. Losing her father and enduring countless other traumatic events. Even without a great role-model, she’s determined. She knows who she is and who she has to be. Maggie doesn’t let anyone get close. She doesn’t want to have to share her ugly world with anyone. She doesn’t want to see pity or be anyone’s charity case. Maggie’s determined to endure so she can finally be free after graduation. But much of that changes when she continues to run into Vincent Moreno.

“My mind is telling me that I survived this long by myself while my heart is telling me to let him in.”

Vincent Moreno… what can I say? He’s tall, dark, and handsome with dark skin and deep brown eyes. He’s a character written with a quiet fierceness. Vincent is patient, kind, smart, caring, protective loyal…The list goes on. But he’s an extremely perceptive guy. Vincent’s character is plagued with rumors. The very small town of Milford thinks they know him. Thinks he’s some thug who steals and fights. Among other activities. Someone who smart Maggie has no business getting to know. While he doesn’t try to put the rumors to rest, he’s so very far from being that person. Vincent, too, has lost a parent. With that loss, he was forced to take on a different role within his family. He’s a changed man. Vincent finds himself in the path of this beautiful girl and he has to know her.

“Every fiber of my being is drawn to this girl. The girl who holds my heart.”

And don’t get me started on the secondary cast!! Some are witty and comforting to read. Some are not. The brilliance and broad range of insight shown through these characters are what makes this book unputdownable! Forcing me to continue turning pages, with my heart pounding. Sometimes out of fear, anger, and frustration. Other times with confusion, sadness, and even smiles. While taking the reader through some very ugly circumstances, never loses the sensitivity needed to come out unscathed on the other side.

“Just his presence makes me feel whole again. Like I’m starting to remember who I am. That I am determined. That I can and will survive…”

There are so. Many. Things I’m leaving out. Key ingredients that make this book one of my favorites. And I’m completely sure that if I told you everything, you’d still be dying to read it! This is not a book for everyone. Crazy situations. Terrible scenes. Poetically breathtaking kisses. And a cliffhanger!!! But through it all, Sublime Wreckage has earned its place on my favorites list! So go… one-click… read, feel, and add it to yours too!!



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