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SINDER – Experimentation by JANE DEVREAUX



A rumor can make you popular and it can make you dangerous. A rumor can change everything.

Her black, too large eyes with too much makeup have already made shudder more than one. It has been said that her parents are in jail; that she beat up to death a guy who dared to make fun of her name. She is Sandre River.

He’s the handsome popular football player. The one going out with the gorgeous and too prude Marcy Shepard; the one who has all girls drooling over him. He is Josh Anderson.

Sandre will never admit she likes him.

Josh will never admit his hormones are boiling.

A single provocation from Sandre will be enough to turn their lives upside down. “You want my advice? Get yourself a girl, whichever one, empty your balls, and turn your brain back on.”

Who would have imagined that those words could lead to an incredible love story?




Well… there’s good news and bad news. I’m a firm believer of no spoilers so bear with me as I try to explain my thoughts.

Good news first! I loved the cover of this book! So many times we have an overly sexy, alpha male or some cheesy picture of the H and h. But this is sensual, sexy and not overly revealing. Drew me in for sure!

Next, we have the storyline. It was fascinating. Overall it was what kept me reading. The innate need to know more about Sandre. Why she was the way she was and who had hurt her beyond recognition to the girl she’d once been? I may even try the rest of the series for that reason alone. If only to fully decipher all that is Sandre.

Then, was the simple, yet sometimes ignored, way Jane Devreaux wrote about sexual safety. This is sometimes over looked with many YA/NA novels. I felt it was supremely important as the characters are noted as seniors in high school at 17 years old. I very much appreciated this sentiment.

Now, our author is French. So this book was obviously written in her native language. However, the translation leaves MANY grammatical errors. Don’t get me wrong, I can tolerate errors. We are not perfect. But this was almost too extreme for me. And I realized there would be some, but wow! Another grammar issue for me was the verbiage that these high schoolers used. Again, this could just be a translation issue. But Josh admits he’s not the best student and then uses words like ‘coagitating’?

Secondly, I really dislike Josh. Really, really dislike him! He’s nothing but a sex fueled, confused, teenage boy. A liar, a cheater. An all out douche-canoe! However… Sandre was the one who took him up on his blurted out offer. Sandre was the one who never said ‘let’s end this’. So maybe I’m just biased because I have this need to know more about her. I could not get over the ‘holy is thou’ Josh put on with his family while sneaking around with Sandre.

And lastly, the storyline. I know, I’ve already mentioned it was one of the things I loved about this book. But it was more a love/hate relationship I had. I hated that these virginal high schoolers were lying. To themselves and others. I strongly dislike cheating – and well there’s that. Although I didn’t like the character that was being cheated on, I still cringed every time it happened. I should have been basking in the characters intimacy instead of balking.

All that said – there were some very poignant quotes…

“I’m with no-one, I don’t talk to no-one, yet I’m not a no-one.”

“She’s changed me. I don’t know if I’m worse or better, I’m just different. A new Josh, more alive and completely lost.”

I will definitely continue with the series!  After all, enquiring minds need to know…


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