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Every student at Shame U has their secrets, and Henley Brooks is no exception. Struggling to pay for college and maintain her perfect reputation has become overwhelming. When her friend Gigi Oxford offers her a night of carefree fun, she can’t pass up the opportunity to unwind.

After a night of drinking turns to chaos, Henley finds herself alone with Lucas Young, a student from London who has come to America to unravel a few secrets of his own, as well as break a few hearts.

Covered in tattoos and drowning in liquor, Lucas was everything Henley should avoid but couldn’t resist. She soon begins to fall for him like the many women before her. But after stumbling across something he didn’t want her to see, she learns that Lucas may not be who she thinks he is.

Henley and Gigi devise a plan to teach Lucas a lesson, but it isn’t long before Henley learns that no one at Shamus Thornton College can be trusted.

When everything begins to feel like it is falling apart, there is only one person Henley wants to pick up the pieces, even if he is the person who caused her to crumble.



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Freaking amazing! I could not put this book down … I started ‘just reading a few pages’ because I couldn’t wait until morning. When I was done – it was morning!!!

I’ve read many of Teresa Mummert’s books but this one was up there with my favorites! I loved the characters – Henley (I flove that name) and Lucas embodied the essential college character persona perfectly. Captured through a terrific storyline with lies, heartache, deceit, heartbreak, laugh-out-loud moments, a dash of suspense and surprise, and a whole lotta angst!

When the main characters meet – what is it about elevators – in the beginning of the book, I was immediately intrigued by both of them. I felt such a magnetism between Henley and Lucas. The sparks and chemistry flying off the pages with every interaction. The banter was hilarious and I ate up every morsel of their conversations!

“You are so much prettier when you don’t speak,” I quipped.
“Aww, you thing I’m pretty,” he chuckled as he tipped the beer to his lips. “I think your pretty too. Glad we could agree on something.”

Henley Brooks is just a quiet, studious girl with a home life coming apart at the seams. She has a passion for playing the violin but unforeseen family circumstances had her having to give that up. She was a college girl who’d rather stay in that head out to the hottest parties. I loved her rambling and her humor! But she was also harboring a horribly tragedy she’d suffered.

“For the first time, I felt safe and able to tell the truth.”

Then we have the pierced and tatted up Lucas Young. Commence the swooning ladies! He’s ruggedly sexy, tattoos for days, and he has a freaking accent! I know, right! He has a secret about why he’s here in the states. When he sees Henley for that first time, he must have her but he knows he may be going home as soon as his business in finished. I found him incredibly endearing! Totally going on the book-boyfriend list!

“I couldn’t take my eyes off you from the moment I met you. I see you. I see who you really are.”

The beauty of this book, for me, was how outrageously sucked in I was! It is really something when words on a page can have you dying to know more. A true story-telling author!! Hats off to the stunning writer – Teresa Mummert!!