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A new Standalone Romance novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Clarissa Wild.

Maybell Fairweather was the girl of my dreams.

Always smiling brightly, she kept going, despite the names her classmates called her behind her back.
She was full of curiosity and independence, the extent of which I could only be jealous of. Even though she had all odds stacked against her, she knew what she wanted from life and pursued it, no matter the cost.

She was completely my opposite in every way.
Perfect, even though she couldn’t see it.
Perfect … until me.

Because this is the story of how I ruined her.

Based on a true story. Standalone Romance. No cliffhanger.


+ 1 =
6 STARS!!!!!

WOW!  Just freaking wow!  6 heart-wrenching STARS!!!  My favorite Clarissa Wild book to date!!!  I loved every minute, every page, every paragraph and every last word!  I have SO MANY highlights!!!  This is a book that HAS to be read by everyone!  I still have no idea how words on a page can make me feel so much.  Connect with characters and their pain and their happiness.  I absolutely loved it!!

“Because this is the story of how I ruined her.”

The characters were both challenged and saw themselves as broken in some ways.  Bullying, feeling anxious, and being judged were almost a daily thing for them.  Feeling as if they just don’t belong no matter what they try.  Like they have to put on a front, or mask, when they are around other people or in public.  Maybell because of her ‘quirkiness’ and Alex because of his weight and depression.  They were honestly two of my all time favorite characters to read!  They meet in a rather unconventional way and until certain things are brought to life, Maybell has no idea how connected their pasts really are!

“I smile, realizing that I’ve found a lost part of myself once again.  That guy who didn’t judge me, but understood me, … It’s always been him.”

Although this is a rather serious book, dealing with matters that we should all educate ourselves with, the banter is humorous, flirty, and very witty!!  Alex and May were beyond brilliant!  I could feel his intense desire for her.  And it wasn’t just physical although sparks did fly!  He adored her and all of her ‘quirkiness’.  Not in spite of it but because of it!  He was thoughtful, and could recognize when something was bothering her.  He made her vulnerabilities slowly fade with his undeniable security that she felt when he was around.  Alex was gentle and soothing to May’s soul.  And she was to his as well.  It was beautiful to watch them both shed their masks when they were with each other.

“No voices, no words.  Nothing is needed when we look at each other.  There’s only unconditional love and utter devotion, and I can see the gratitude in her eyes.”

The emotions in this book are everywhere!!  And I felt every single one – pain, longing, angst, invigoration, love, forgiveness.  I was not expecting so many emotions and found myself stopping every chapter or so – to just let the emotions flow through me as I let it all sink in.  Many times finding myself not knowing exactly what I was feeling aside from “just keep walking”.

“I tried!  Every ***damn day!” he yells, clenching his fist.  “I ruin everything!”

This author is brilliant.  But what I found in her writing this time around was true inspiration.  Everyone can write sex.  Everyone can write angst, love, passion.  Most can even write some of the best rom-coms ever.  But not every author can inspire me.  Not every book I read makes me think about more than the words on the pages.  Inspiration.  Inspiration and tears.  Happy ones!

“… sometimes you have to show your weakness in order to become strong again.”

So I thank this author from the bottom of my heart for this amazing piece of writing!  It took amazing courage to write the real story at the end of the book and I honestly admire her for that.




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