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BRILLIANT!  What a difference the other side of the coin makes!  I was an enormous fan of Present Perfect. And while reading it, there were many times I was curious about what was going down in Noah’s head.  This book must be read after Present Perfect. In retrospect, I suppose you could read it as a stand-alone, but there may be pieces of the puzzle that won’t quite fit together.

“That intangible connection where the mystery of falling in love lies in wait until the right person comes into your life.  You can’t force it, predict it, or manipulate it. It’s what trips your heart in order for the fall to begin.”

I love Noah!!  A favorite in the book-boyfriend department for sure! I knew he loved her, I just didn’t get how much until now.  He and Tweet are life long friends. Best friends and are truly destined for each other.  Soul mates. A one-in-a-lifetime kind of love. This book begins as they are adolescents. When Noah really began to notice girls, especially his best-friend. But should he have these feelings for her?  So he’s a bit confused. But those feelings didn’t go away, they just became stronger and stronger as time goes on.

“You’re the first girl I’ve ever noticed and the last girl I’ll ever notice… I can’t stop thinking about you.”

And, oh the angst!  I loved it!  The book is filled with road block after road block for Noah and Tweet. Where-oh-where will it end?!  No worries, there’s a HEA and one stupendous epilogue that you won’t want to miss!  I’ll be honest and say there were times, even as I already knew the outcome, I wanted the pain to stop for him. It was soul crushing watching him forge through every day trying to move on but never being successful. I really wanted him to find some happiness. He loved her with his entire being. And although she kept pushing him away, he knew she loved him too.

Everyone has a separate piece of me, except her. She had all of me. And no matter what she said or did, deep in my soul, I knew I always had all of her.”

The only arguments between them are ‘I love you and want you as mine’ VS ‘I don’t believe I’m perfect enough for you’.  Seems pretty straight forward… But it’s not.  Noah had to deal with a true tragedy and he needed Tweet to help guide him through. There was a moment for Noah when I stopped reading, put my head in my hands and thought, OMG, he’s undeniably heart broken.  I never imagined him needing her that much. I know I must sound coo-koo, but it was amazingly eye-opening reading his version of how things went down. 

“I placed my hand on her wrist, and guided it down my chest, pressing it to my heart. Having Tweet close gave me peace and hope that I would make it through this pain. She was my strength.”

This is a book that you read and it isn’t until a while later you feel the effects. Right now I’m drying my eyes remembering all the ups and downs that were Noah and Tweet. Wondering how letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs all came together so poetically that it haunts me. Haunts my heart with the fears they faced both together and apart. Haunts me knowing, now, Noah ‘s struggles. What he had to cling to, what he was prematurely forced to let go of, and what was always his strength. His very soul was attached to a girl he had to wait for. Tweet held his heart in the palm of her hand. And when she started to fight for him as he had her, when her walls finally come down and she showed her vulnerabilities… well that’s the icing on the cake… Chocolate cake!!


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