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I more loved this book! The flawless writing, the rawness of the characters, the stunningly mysterious story-line. Just when you know… you simply had no idea! It held my mind hostage until the end. I am officially fan-girl over the amazingly talented [author: Nashoda Rose]! And if I’m arrested for stalking? Well, you know why!

“Pain. Hurt. Devastation. ‘Chaos’.”

Perfect Chaos? You need only see the title. This book encompasses that title. Owns it! It’s as perfectly chaotic as it can be! This can be read as a stand-alone, but most characters were ones we met in the Tear Asunder series. If you want the full effect I highly recommend reading that first. OK. I recommend you read ALL this authors works. But truly, I was swept away by the emotion displayed, the characters as they developed, and the secrets that came unraveled. It was a book that, in some ways, I didn’t see coming. I knew it would grip me. I knew I would be prisoner of the pages and words until the end. I knew I would love it – I just had no idea how much!

“We were all broken in some way. It was how we lived with our broken pieces, which made us who we were.”

Molten lava. That is the temperature of the connection between Deck and Georgie. Hot. Hot. Hot! The passion runs hotter than the sun. But they are somewhat of a forbidden relationship. He doesn’t think he deserves her yet, she thinks the same. She’s loved him since she was sixteen. But life has tendency to throw wrenches, knives, even flamethrowers into things. Georgie has demons. Blossoming from tragedy. She’s sassy, strong yet, undeniably vulnerable. She has a tendency to party, drink, and flirt like it’s her job. But all that is just a façade. Another face she clings to in order to cope. The carefully plotted secrets that she keeps just waiting to be discovered. Waiting to boil at the surface. I adored her. She left quite an impression on my heart and soul. The emotions pulled from me as I read her POV… I felt all her sadness, her secrets and darkness weighing her down. It’s only when Deck comes to her ‘rescue’ that she emerges from the wreckage of her past – and present.

No matter what I did, you never left me. You protected me and put up with all my bullshit… You never failed me, Deck. You’ve saved me over and over again.”

Deck has every ingredient to make a concoction of drop-your-jaw – just wow. That is all.

So seriously, and not that the previous isn’t truthful, it’s just difficult to put into words all that this character is and stood for. One of the traits that will forever be engraved on my soul was his loyalty. Deck’s past was tragic as well and in a way that connected him to Georgie. A way that made her off limits and him fiercely protective. Deck’s inspiring. Some may find that hard to believe being he is one bad ass alpha-male! He was insanely mysterious and at times I thought I would never truly ‘know’ him. Never figure it out. Reading Deck’s POV certainly helped. This was a brilliant format – dual POV’s. It was key in understanding what and who Deck really was. The mixed signals, the mystery and darkness, the quirky sense of humor were humbling to his character. And in the end, he becomes a beacon of light, of hope and love, for Georgie.

“…feeling her, kissing her, it was like a brilliance of colors had burned through my darkness.”

Trust me, I could sing praises over this book for days but again, I loved everything about this book! There are so many moving parts that all fit together like a well oiled machine. It was fast paced, but that could be because I devoured it. I was gripped from the prologue and when it was over…I wanted to do it all again!! No chaos here… just pure perfection!!


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