one week of summer cover pic


4 Star review…

A love story with two amazing characters. Two broken souls, who find each other when they needed saving the most.

Maggie has been barely living life. She’s been through so much in her short 18 years. A horrifying and traumatic past. What’s worse was the constant bullying. So much bullying that she began to believe them. She seemed so fragile but I could feel she was something stronger underneath. I was crazy emotional reading what she’s been through. So many feels of compassion, understanding, anger, frustration and hope. The way this author carefully reveals the awful events of her past was stupifying!  I think I have a note that says ‘mind. blown.’ And another reading ‘bomb. dropped.’

Teekay. Well first let me say, what the hell is up with this name?  I realize it’s just his nickname not his given name, but really?  Alright, so now that’s of my chest…

Teekay was one of those characters I loved!  I loved his alpha nature, the way he protected Maggie right from the start. How he was patient enough to fill in all her cracks and bring down all her walls. So you can imagine my heart breaking when I found out he was also a broken soul, but I really had no idea what he was holding in. And again, the segways used by this author to bridge those gaps between Teekay’s vulnerabilities and his strength to really ‘get’ Maggie were so perfectly executed!

Something I just have to say is, I loved their pillow talk!  Silly right?  It wasn’t overdone or cheesy. And although some might say it was cliche`, I say it was poetic! Oh!  And I loved the ‘tell me three things’ game!!


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