Growing up, Grayson Legend and Kennedy Knowles were inseparable. They turned to each other when their families were nothing more than worthless guardians, and had promised each other to always stay friends.

Then Kennedy did the unthinkable.

She fell in love with her best friend.

And after finally finding the courage to let him know—Grayson took off.

After walking away from his best friend because he didn’t feel like he would ever be good enough to give Kennedy what she wanted or needed, Grayson Legend has become a household name in the MMA fighting world.

When he runs into Kennedy at a fight in Vegas, he immediately determines to do one thing—never let her go again.She has a secret.They both have regrets.And when the truth comes to light—Everything between them could be ruined.


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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I LOVED everything about this book!  Sometimes there are words to describe how a piece of writing makes you feel.  Other times no words can even begin to emulate the emotions – the highs and lows – that come with reading solid gold!  This book – JUST ONE REGRET – has become the latter for me!!

“I can’t believe he’s here. On my birthday.  Six years to the day that he walked away from me.  Six years to the day that my biggest regret began.”

Kennedy and Grayson have a past that is complicated at best. It’s a friends-to-lovers-second-chance book! And it sets the bar high!  Part of the reason this book was so gold to me was the fact that I could have read a book entirely about Kennedy and loved. Same with Grayson.  They were two stunning characters that, each alone, I could have loved reading about. My feelings were ever-changing in this book.  My feelings rolled in and out like the tide…  But that is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends!

“I don’t hate you, K.  I just…I don’t know if I can forgive you either, even if I realize that I’m equally to blame.”

The synopsis tells you both, everything and nothing at all.  They both came from lesser circumstances.   Grayson and Kennedy were the others support system. Both leaning on each other to make it through their childhoods unscathed by the adults in their lives. They were best friends and held one amazing bond!  But real feelings began to surface and Grayson abandons her.

“The world sees him as the strongest, toughest man, but I know him as the man who runs when shit gets real.”

I felt so much anger for what Grayson when hearing the details of why/how he left.  What had happened that led up to his disappearing act… UGH!  When light sheds on the whole story… I was just as angry at her!  I had so many questions, so many emotions at the realizations both Kennedy and Grayson were facing.  GAH!!  Reading those pages were breathtaking.  I couldn’t imagine being in the situations that these characters had ended up in!  The decision to write this as a dual POV really brings it all to life as they each sift through the ashes of their once unshakable bond.  It gave me a chance to see the agony, heartbreak, guilt, and unending love of both Kennedy and Grayson.

“… once you drop all your walls and truly let  someone in: they see you with all your faults and cracks and realize then even imperfect, you’re perfect for them.”

There was loss, grief, betrayal, guilt, love, swoons, and a ‘OMG I have to read that again’ epilogue!  There were so many feels that I didn’t want it to stop!  This book broke my heart. It moved me to tears on more than one occasion.  It was gut-wrenching and the twists and turns will leave you breathless. More than all of that… it pulled at my heart-stings and put my broken heart back together.  This book was simply – beautifully flawless!!  Hats off to you, Stacey Lynn, for the way your mighty brain brought this book to life!


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