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If Tomorrow Never Comes – Part 1 by Sophie Slade



On her way to Nashville to try her hand at a singing career, Alyssa Collins meets Logan Ambrose, her soul mate in every way. Not only is he a great singer and guitar player, he has a down-to-earth personality to die for. Soon, he proposes and they make plans for the future, but everything changes in an instant. A month later, she wakes from a coma only to learn that her life has changed forever.

Lost and distraught, Alyssa tries to make sense of her life. Needing to make a change, she puts her singing career behind her and finds herself in law school. Ten years later, she is a lawyer and she takes a job in New York with a prestigious firm.

When Alyssa goes to New York for a political fund-raiser, something happens that changes her life again. With more questions than answers, can she find it in herself to go on with her life … if tomorrow never comes?

*Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part book.

WARNING 18+: This book is Erotic Contemporary Romance and contains material that may be considered offensive to some readers, which includes graphic language, explicit sex, and adult situations.



4 tomorrow-better-come STARS

WOWZERS!! I literally JUST finished this book – part 1 – and I have so much to say! Can I just say that my heart was ripped out of my chest and I need tissues STAT?

This is my first Sophie Slade book and let me tell you, she can write her a$$ off! I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and characters. Alyssa and Logan were fantastically intriguing leads! At 18, Alyssa’s holding off on college and is headed to Nashville to become a country superstar! I was dumbfounded by the way that luck was lurking wherever she went. It’s like she just kept winning the damn lottery!

“Alyssa, I’m going on tour soon. How would you like to open for me?”

And Logan with his humor and ‘baggage’. UGH! His politically royal family and the way he tried to keep Alyssa at arm’s length because of the was his previous relationship ended.

“I’ve only given my heart to one other person.”

Not to mention the secondary cast!! Logan’s friends were hilarious, I loved how motherly Alyssa was around Greer, and how about those band mates!!

Logan and Allie are the epitome of insta-love! Even though Alyssa is 18 and Logan 22, they were soul mates for sure! Two pieces of a whole made from the same mold. It was epic love type stuff while both of them navigated the unchartered waters of trying to make money singing/playing music. I could feel the quick-building relationship from the moment they met!

“Alyssa, I know we’ve just met, but it feels as if I’ve known you all my life.”
I nodded, looking up into his bedroom eyes. “I know. I feel the same way.”

How could I not cheer them on?!

I was hit with waves of emotion, questions, and more emotions. The author did a terrific job of keeping me on my toes! I think I was suspicious of about 98% of the male characters. I even have notes of “OMG he’s going to take them” and “he did it, I can feel it”. Much to my disappointment I was wrong because let’s face it, who likes to be wrong? But I was elated as well!!

Then came the last few chapters … the best and the worst parts of this book. There is so much excitement but so much pain. Tissues kind of pain. I can not wait to jump into Part 2!!