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I enjoyed this book, but I didn’t love it.  I found the writing style to be free-flowing.  The author made seamless segways from present to past.  I was engaged in the book, even with the infidelity, and was surprised when I finished just an hour and fifty minutes after I began!  Being that this was a very short book, it was a complete story with a true villain, heroine, and one very sexy, very bold, very young Hero!

“…I move into his arms, marveling at how I fit into them, how safe I feel there.”

Starting with Marcus… I hated him.  Now I’ll tell you how I really feel.  He was an alpha-douche-canoe who used his doucheiness to hold threats over Danny’s head.  He was the maker of all decisions.  He’d pick out everything all the way down to what Danny wears.  In some books these character traits might seem ‘sexy’ or be described as passionate instead of intense.  But Marcus was cold and although he’d never laid a hand on her, treated her as more of object – not his wife, equal, partner.

“He doesn’t actually beat me. It’s always…how can I put it? A promise that he won’t be happy and I won’t like what he does next. I never want to see what he’ll do next. And, of course, he knows that.”

Danielle, Danny, was a smart, beautiful and full of melancholy.  The only certain freedom she had was her work.  She’s a woman who was swept off her feet, at first, with Marcus.  He courted her, taking her on romantic dates – the opera, picnics on beaches and at vineyards.  He was powerfully influential, handsome, exotic, foreign.  And she was desperate to leave her father. Who expected her to never seemed to tolerate her having her own thoughts.

“But now I look back, I realize his way of owning me was much the same as Marcus’.”

When Danny met Nicolas Thierry – a 19 years old man, 15 years younger than her, she tried to push him off as a mere child. But when Danny’s in his company again, she found herself reacting in ways she’s never before. Heart skipping, body coming alive with awareness.

“…the scent of him is forgotten, … days have passed, but the sensation of the moment isn’t. It shakes me, and … remind me of how intensely he made me feel.  I have never felt like that … And now I am frightened that I know.”

Nicolas Thierry is dark, with black hair.  He’s honest and beautiful. And he’s taken with Danny from the moment his electric blue eyes see her. He may be young but he ‘saw’ her. The woman underneath the facade she used to make her husband happy. He had this innate sense and response to the way Danny’s husband treated her.  She deserved better and he would have done anything to make her realize it. As he spent more time with Danny, she’d become more torn and confused than ever with her feelings.

“… this hunger is real and true, and this ownership is one I actually want.”

This was a very hard book to judge and concretely translate to stars for me but there were amazing pieces!  The character development was super, but the individual character – not so much.  The story telling was excellent but the actual story fell flat for me.  There were scorching hot scenes there and were excellently written. My favorite part of the book was the brilliant seams that were virtually undetected taking me from present to past and back again.  I, again, LOVED this authors way of pulling me in with her fantastic word play!


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