synopsisMy name is Brandon Edwards. Men like me don’t come along often. I’m a gentleman, a lover, a protector, and a Dominant. I’ve never been the type who can – or even wants to – commit to a woman…until I met Penny a couple of years ago. Since then, we’ve been in a committed relationship. I adore and cherish her.

Penny has a darkness inside her, a yearning for extreme pain. But I don’t want that for her, nor can I give her what she’s so desperate for. Her craving has led her down risky paths, and it’s my job to keep her off those now.

There’s a dangerous desire lurking within all of us. But when does wanting more become too much?



5 dangerously desirable STARS!

I know I loved every second of this book, but can’t quite articulate exactly how or why – so bear with me. I was feeling and experiencing emotions from a book that I never have. Totally uncharted waters… in the best way!

“Just as I’m marking her, she’s marking me. She’s left a piece of her soul with me. It’s grafted onto mine and now it’s a part of me, just as I’m a part of her. We’re entwined in the most delicate of strings, enveloped by the most intricate pulleys.”

Penny is wonderful. And I must stress that in order to get a true feel for her – read book 1. She’s a woman who is complex and strong. Her relationship with Brandon was terrific, until it wasn’t. Penny needed more than he was willing to give her. Further than he was willing to go. But I had this ‘sense’ that they would somehow compromise. After a traumatic, and adjust tragic turn of events my sense was right!  But the conversations between Brandon and Penny were heart-wrenching. I was completely overwhelmed with ‘feels’!

“It’s like a craving, one a junkie might have…I’m addicted. I know it. But I crave the pain…”

And Brandon – earned a well deserved spot on my BBF list! He was chivalrous, commanding, sweet, caring… I could go on!  He was a Dom as I’ve never read. And in love with his Petal. The moment he realized he couldn’t be what Penny needed was heart-breaking. I think he experienced almost every emotion. from the prologue to the epilogue. I just really have no words for how his actions with his Petal made me feel.  But where most alpha/Dom characters stop, Brandon didn’t. His compassion knew no bounds. A seriously flawless character!

“Fuck, she’s so perfect. So exquisite, yet so broken. And I love the fact she’s mine to put back together again.”

The development of this author’s characters is nothing short of first-class!!!!  And honestly, although I’m not a person who participates in BDSM, well… I’m not gonna lie, this book had me thinking about things. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  The connections with characters from Filthy Desire really came to play. I loved with way the author portrayed the guys – as ‘brothers’ – and how they each come in and out of the story. I’d highly suggest that these books be read in order. They have interconnected characters. While you can read as a stand-alone, there’s so much you would miss! I kept thinking, not only do I have this fantastic new story but now I get even more insight to Matt and Elle!!  Yay!!  This book had all the bells and whistles!  The fantastic writing style, flow of the story and pace of the book, a dual POV, characters demanding to be connected with, and the actual story line… just remarkable!

I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this impressive, intricate puzzle!


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