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Controlling Interest: Erotically Bound Vol. 2 by Francesca Hawley



It’s hard to keep things strictly business when the naturally submissive Mozelle “Mouse” Vincent challenges Torin Stuart at every turn and he finds there’s more at stake than a controlling interest in the exclusive BDSM club they now share. Because love is the ultimate prize in their power exchange.

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One look at the blurb and I had to read it!  It posed many questions I had to find the answers to!  And that’s saying a lot for me… because I really dislike novellas.  I generally don’t read them because I always feel pieces missing. Or, I feel like I only got a glimpse – not enough to feel connected or invested in the characters or the storyline.  But this was different!  The way this author fills in all the gaps I usually feel was perfection! There was enough back story, enough character development that I didn’t feel anything missing. The storyline was something I could see being real-world with the challenges the characters faced.

I’m not leaving you with any details of the story because going into this blind, save for the blurb, was totally the way to go. But I will say that the H/h were fantastic to read!  Torin and Mouse were great!  I loved them!!  I liked that I got a glimpse into both their minds with third person POV.  Making it all more interesting – the reader knows what, both, Torin and Mouse want. Making me feel as I was ‘in the know’!

“… controlling interest in the amount of fifty-one percent in the club Erotically Bound to Ms. Mozelle Vincent.”

Torin had the right amount of dominance to be hot, sexy, and protective. But not so much that it was overkill.

“You please me just by being here.  By trusting me.  We’ve got the rest of our lives to play together.  Right now, I just want to make love to you.”

And Mouse was fantastic!  She was curvy, sassy, but had a submissive side that fit Torin like a glove.

“She sighed … Giving herself into his keeping, certain that he’d protect her.  Care for her.  She felt truly safe for the first time in…years.”

The conversations between them ranged from cold, to hilarious, and on to outright scorching HOT!  They each had baggage. Each had something the other ultimately helps them overcome/process. That was the truly beautiful part!

“The way you’ve focused on me.  Like I’m the center of your world.”

“You are.”

This was a story had enough sexual tension to fill 300 more pages of hotness. It was, at times, heartwarming, heartbreaking, with equal amounts of angst.  It was sensual, erotic, with definite BDSM. I would recommend to anyone wanting a short, fun, and very sexy read!!