Home » Reviews » BULLETPROOF (Songbird#2) by MELISSA PEARL


I was so excited for this book!!

I became a Melissa Pearl insta-fan

after reading book #1

in the Songbird series, Fever.

I was not disappointed with this follow-up!!

**4 dancing STARS**

Morgan is an amazing character!  She’s tall, blonde, and sassy. She’s fiercely independent, strong willed, courageous. And those traits were unfairly forced upon her. This is where some of the angst comes in… her mother left their family when she was 14. As the oldest, her role became – mother. She is the first one to jump into action and proverbially save the day. She takes no time to worry about her actions and feelings. Morgan just shuts them in a corner of her mind and pushes on as the rock. I really felt for her and found myself confused and angry. Upset that this poor girl had given up her dreams to take care of her family at 14!  Couldn’t imagine fathom all she’s endured. And practically alone. The hardships she’s faced. She’s stone-walled all her emotions and for what?!

“I can’t keep giving out everything to everyone… When’s my turn to be taken care of?  When’s someone going to look after me?…I need you to fight for me Sean!” – Morgan

Sean is a movie star. A very tall, very sexy, man with dark hair and blue eyes. Morgan describes him as ‘chocolate’.  Sweet as sin!  He’s trying to move on from a very public situation. When he meets Morgan briefly in a bar, he knows the right thing to do is not to be seen with another woman… but he can’t forget her. In a turn of events, he finds her working as an assistant on his next project and things between them develop quickly. I’d say there was a large amount of insta-loving going on. Generally I’m not a fan of relationships that heat up that quickly, however, the character development couldn’t have been more perfect. The chemistry they shared, the needs they fulfilled for each other. So eloquently written!

“I need you. I need your skin. I need your touch. I need your lips.” – Sean

There are fantastic secondary characters!!  Good and bad. The loyalty of friendship and family and their dynamics unfold beautifully. The end result is a happy one that leaves me thursting for more!

One of the best parts of this book, this series even, is the incorporation of music throughout!!  The playlist, listed in the beginning of the book, flows perfectly with the scenes that are set forth with them!!  I’ve noticed many authors doing this… yay!!  I just love it!

Bulletproof can be read as a stand-alone, however, reading in order may give you the added benefit of character connection. Oh, and, I hate Rhonda. That is all.


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