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BEYOND BLISS (The Sinclair’s #1) by DELIA FOSTER

25325177 Synopsis

Lucas Sinclair is used to getting what he wants. He’s strong and determined…and a chance encounter leads him to one incredibly hot night with sweet Sophie Harlow.

But when she realizes exactly what she’s dealing with, Sophie is determined to be the one thing he doesn’t get. Already experienced in relationships with wealthy egomaniacs, she wants nothing to do with that type.

When he invades her space, leaving her no choice but to acquiesce, will she be able to survive when she learns the truth about him?



5 blissful STARS!!

I’ll keep this short otherwise I just may be here all day. And night. But there are so.  Many. Things!  So many things I want to say about this book!!  But I’ll start with – More please!  I loved it!  This is another new author for me and one I’ve put on my auto-click list!!  Everything about this drew me deeper, kept me in the edge of my seat, made me emotional, made me laugh. Swooning? Yes!  This is a must read for summer no doubt!!

“This thing between them was palpable, living. They could ignore each other as much as they liked, but it was getting harder and harder to resist every day.”

This book begins with an interesting scenario. Lucas and Sophie are at a bar having drinks. But they aren’t together. Sophie is taking with her BFF regarding her sex-life, or lack there of, while Lucas is eavesdropping on their conversation. The dual POV made this book. By giving both Sophie and Lucas their own voices, they became even more relatable. More likable. One picture things I most enjoyed about this was the inner monologues!  Seriously, great stuff there!!

“Hit and run!  Our was it, wham, bam, and thank you ma’am?  Damn it, what was the idiom you were supposed to use when the situation was reversed?”

Lucas knows right away he had to have her. So he returns to the same bar, same time, one week later. There she is. And so it begins.

“Something in the air had changed.”

This book took me on an unforgettable and crazy journey. One of secrets, finding love – in a rather unconventional way, a nagging mother, a high profile client, a fabtastic BFF, and bittersweet memories of a father’s funeral. With the great writing and smooth style I couldn’t put it down!

“… it just felt good to be near him. It felt right. It felt so right she was convinced it had to be wrong.”

With any book I review, I always ask myself ‘blanket’ questions. Like, did I like the characters?  Were they relatable?  Did they keep me engaged, would I want them as my friend?  And, overwhelmingly, YES!!  I adored both Lucas Carter and Sophie Harlow. They, equally, made me huge a fan!  I loved Lucas’s alpha-ness, his need for control of certain situations. But he also had a very sweet, caring side. I felt the two sides frequently meld with his character and made Lucas ask the more likable!  And seriously?  The invitation to dinner? And his letter toward the end of the book?  I totally swooned!!

“Each time you touched me, I burned brighter. Every time I heard the sound of your laughter, I could swear I heard an angel sing. 

You are my everything.”

And Sophie.  Sweet, sweet Sophie. I felt her past relationship really shaped her. I won’t elaborate, but will say she dodged a bullet from her loser ex. While on the surface she seems demure and a bit naive, she is anything but!  Sophie is not afraid to stand up to people, not afraid to give just as much as she takes.

“Sinclair, let’s get something straight…You do not

There are a few unexpected moments in the book. One of my notes literally says – ‘WHAT. THE. HELL.’  Another just has ‘uh… WHAT?!’  Those twists and turns of events were so carefully written, placed intelligently, and made the book even sweeter in the end. The incredible banter between the two is hella priceless!  I can not wait for more of the Sinclair series!!!

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