cover beneath beautiful


4 Star review…

The message that this book sends is terrific! Especially in this day and age with bullying and media’s portrayal of what’s beautiful.

This author, Allison Rushby, weaves a profoundly poetic tale of finding oneself. The journey, the hardships, decisions, and rollercoaster of events that our heroine endures. Cassie is one of those characters that you can immediately relate to. She’s beautiful. But that’s what everyone else sees. She certainly wouldn’t describe herself as such. Yet when she meets a famous artist/sculptor, she just can’t understand why he asks her to sit for him. Not to mention that this particular artist has an erotic and provocative take on every piece. What must he see in her? Cameron was what woman dreamed about – what they obsessed over. With the view that Cassie subconsciously has for herself, you can imagine her reaction to Cameron saying it’s all up to her. It’s up to her how this piece will turn out.

“What did he see? What had he seen? It couldn’t have been anything sexual.”

Cameron is not your typical Hero. Although, in my opinion, he is most like someone you’d meet on the street. There really isn’t any other way to describe him but just to say – he’s normal. But what confuses Cassie are the rumors. The rumors that circle Cameron go from he just an artist to he only asks you to sit for him if he plans to sleep with you or to become intimate with you. As the story progresses, it’s clear that getting undressed is ultimately up to the subject.

“…we would never do anything you weren’t comfortable with; you do know that… You know you would have complete control.”

There are many other factors that are just the icing on the cake. When I read the
blurb, I was just sure of how this book would end. Cassie would realize her worth and they’d run off into the sunset. And if someone told me the ending after reading the blurb… well let’s just say I probably wouldn’t have read it at all! But this author plays on this. The what you think happens vs. what actually happens. In every good way imaginable!

Cassie is very close to her sister and her father is a member of parliament. What will happen when they find out she’s sitting for Cameron?
Cassie is a children’s book author. How does that pan out?
Cameron’s ex is constantly popping in and out of his house. They were rumored to have split. Is she still in the picture?
Cassie meets a few of the girls that are currently sitting for Cameron. How does she feel when she doesn’t see herself sizing up?
And what happens when her friend sets her up with James? What role does he play and how does her attraction to Cameron factor in comparison to James?

There are so many variables! So much happening! But the heart and soul of this book is the journey that Cassie takes. Her coming of age, standing up for herself, and seeing that what counts in making her beautiful may not, entirely, be the outstide. But what’s Beneath Beautiful!


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