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BAD GIRLS DO (The Everly Brothers #3) by ROSALIE LARIO


 Bad girls have all the fun… 

Trying to fit in with expectations has left Diane Milstrom lonely and dateless for yet another New Year’s Eve. After being forced to witness her ex proposing to the woman he dumped her for, she has one too many drinks and makes an uncharacteristically impulsive decision: she’s not going to be good anymore. It’s gotten her nothing but heartache, and besides, everyone knows bad girls have all the fun. 

Sam Everly enjoys the lifestyle his family’s wealth provides, but he hates the trappings of society that come with it. If he has to attend one more family function full of bored socialites, he just might lose it. Diane Milstrom, his eldest brother’s ex-girlfriend, is the worst of the lot…or so he always thought. But when he overhears her making a Bad Girl To-Do list, he starts to wonder if maybe there’s more to her than meets the eye. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he volunteers to help her with some of the more…ahem, explicit items on her list. 

When Sam points out that being naughty with her ex’s brother is something only a bad girl would do, Diane can’t help but see his point. Besides, she could do worse than a little between-the-sheets action with a sexy guy who makes her heart beat in ways his brother never could. It’s only supposed to be a fling, a way to help her stretch her bad girl wings. But the more items they cross off her list, the higher the stakes become. Because if they aren’t careful, she just might fall in love…and that’s one thing a bad girl should never do. 

Author’s Note: If you’re into sexy billionaires with a touch of Alpha, who love to talk dirty in the bedroom (and out of it), then this contemporary erotic romance series might be for you!




4 ‘bad girl’ STARS!!!

I had a multitude of emotions, thoughts, and feelings reading this book!  Excitement, confusion, anger, warmth, humor, loyalty. And one word became constant – HOT!

So, right from the blurb I thought I’d love it. After the first few paragraphs, forget about it!  I really really liked this book. It was different and the characters were truly entertaining. It was joy to read, approaching heavenly. I literally read it in one sitting and how could I not!  This author certainly has a way with carefully drawing you in. With witty characters and food-for-the-brain wordplay!  It was told from a third person POV which became key in deciphering the relationship with Diane and Sam.

There’s not really a while lot for me to lay out here. The blurb gives you just enough information to know where it goes. Where Diane gets her wiley idea to be ‘bad’.  That she impulsively makes a bad-girl-to-do list. Also that her ex’s brother, Sam, overhears this. But the part that’s left out… how they get from there to SCORCHING hot with flaming emotions of all sorts!  Brilliant idea Ms. Lario!  Just brilliant!

I found Diane to be very interesting. She was unapologetically honest and felt that everyone saw her as boring, dull Diane. I wasn’t sure how off the mark that was. It took a bit for me to decide if I liked her or if I thought she had no backbone. She was the product of an a mother who lavishly bounced from lover to lover, telling her to have an illicit affair…

“Bad girls do have more fun.”

“It was one of her strategic points for convincing me to have a casual affair.”

and a father who was mostly absent – even if he was right next to her.

“The need to please. The desire to be seen. Anger that he didn’t care for her more than he did.”

I could tell she was envious of her mother’s blaise attitude and that she had real daddy issues.  But that was all superficial. When sparks start flying with Sam, all bets on how well you know this character are off!  And it was beautiful watching Sam help transform her from who she thought she had to be into what she was always!

“The seemingly mundane and unfeeling Diane Milstrom he’d known before, … , was only the protective outer shell of the woman beneath: a vibrant, passionate person who wanted to experience more out of life.”

And where to even begin with Sam!!  He was one of those ultimate alpha characters that you instantly hate that you love him!  He was charismatic, spontaneous. He definitely kept me guessing!  But I have to admit, even he surprised me. Sam was known for being a bit of a playboy. So seeing him salivating over Diane, someone he once thought as interesting as reading reports, was extremely entertaining!

“So while he could objectively recognize her hotness…he couldn’t be less interested.”

Then he overhears Diane’s ‘list’.  Now Sam can’t stop thinking about her. About how her list is aligned with some of his darkest desires. He’s intrigued and enticed. He just can’t walk away from her until he knows.  Sam and Diane take similar journeys. Each helping the other become the greatest person they each can be. And it was fantastic to take the journey with them!!

“What did you say to a woman who’d just rocked your world in ways you hadn’t known possible?”



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