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I LOVE reading.  I love sitting down with a new book, or in the middle of a current one, and submerging myself in the layers of angst and lust and dialogue and inner monologue.  Just everything about a book “talks back” to me.  That’s why I’ve named myself The Sassy Bookista as the books I read…talk back.  Don’t you worry about a thing, I can hold my own.  I grew up riding horses-Dressage and Eventing.  I might even say it was my niche and would have done it for the rest of my life.  I rode my ass off and was pretty good…ask my mom(I’m Sassy remember)!  After I met my husband, on-line, and I know your thinking OMG he could’ve been a serial killer or stalker-but this was in 1999 before all the on-line hoopla(we met in a chat room-do they even have those anymore?!)  So I was saying, after I met my husband I had a riding accident.  Things were rough for quite a while.  Then I saw the sun again when Joe and I met first Evan in 2003 and then Emma in 2005.  I still have some residual issues from my fall but Joe is my rock and those 2 kids couldn’t ask for a better dad.  They get me through it.  Reading also gets me through it…it’s someone else’s issues needing solved or heart needed mended.  It’s a perfect getaway!


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