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My name is Laken Thompson, and I have come up with an idea that is too good to surpass. Being a twenty-five year old that just graduated college and has accrued an insane amount of debt it’s the best thing I can think of. I am auctioning off the most precious thing I have. My virginity. What I wasn’t planning on was the man who changed everything. Asher Braxton, the epitome of stunning. The man who has everything, except for me. I’ve run for months from the devilishly handsome man stalking me like some prey. Just when I thought I evaded his advances his voice is the one I hear to make a bid. On shaky legs I pray that someone will outbid him, but the thought in my head is… I’m playing with fire and this time I hope I don’t get burned.




4.5 firey STARS!!!

*Provided for honest review.*

 This was a super exciting read!  It’s got it all – a Mr. Hottie McHot Pants alpha billionaire of a man, a woman determined to make her future bright, and the greatest secondary cast!  To be honest – this just may be my shortest review ever. For two reasons: 1 – the blurb for this book tells you everything you’d want to know going in and 2 – I despise spoilers so in order to not soul any beans, there’s not really much else to tell you. The author made a terrific decision to write this book with a dual POV!  This book did span a number of 2 years and being able to be inside both their heads was absolutely gratifying.

This was a book but I saw it as an onion. Multiple layers. Reasons for every minute detail. Why it spans multiple years, why she even had so much debt she had to sell herself, reasons for the secondary characters and their actions/reactions. When I began peeling the layers, I found these unbreakable connections. And I found my heart-strings being pulled by both, Laken and Asher. I was amazed at how sweet, tender, and caring Asher really was.

“I may not be the ideal price charming, but I was going to try my best to be the one she deserved.”

And how Laken was a fighter, was passionate. She was holding on to something so incredibly special to her to give to the man of her dreams.

“I’m a virgin Asher, and you jump from bed to bed. I want the happily ever after with the one man I give myself to on the day I say ‘I do,’ so don’t you dare tell me what I know I want. You will never be it, because let’s face it, you’re no prince charming.”

They seemed toxic for each other with her wanting to keep her virtue in tact and him being with nameless women. But at the same time I found them imperfectly perfect for each other. It was beautiful watching it all unfold! Perfectly executed!

**Note to author – I love, love, love Impractical Jokers and definitely need a friend like Larry!  I laughed my ass off reading that part!**



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