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**Release Day! BETRAYAL (Royal Blood #3) by TICH BREWSTER & TERESA FUENTEZ

Happy Release Day…

Betrayal cover pic

by Tich Brewster & Teresa Fuentez
Royal Blood #3
NA Paranormal
Cover by EmCat Design
Release date – 12-16-14


The life of a vampire is never easy.

According to prophesy, ten vessels will join together to defeat evil and save the world from destruction. Makinzee is one of those vessels but now she’s been kidnapped by a crazed vampire.

Damion knows that with her out of the picture he can fulfill his plan of taking over the world.

Serienna has the ability to dream walk to her but will they be able to find her location if Makinzee doesn’t even know where she’s being held hostage?

Things are starting to get strange and Nickoli is beginning to wonder who he can trust. He will stop at nothing to bring his soul mate back safely.


–> Also available <–

Princesess of the Night cover picPrincesses of the Night
Royal Blood #1

–>Nothing happens by chance, we have all been given a destiny. Some will follow in the steps set out before them and make their creator proud. Others will follow destruction and tear down that which is good.

Tanya sees visions of the future. It’s not just fangs and blood, danger and destruction are quickly approaching. Will she accept her destiny and walk in the path the goddess has set out before her?


Hold Fast cover picHold Fast
Royal Blood #2

–>Life doesn’t always happen the way it’s supposed to. But it is what we make it. Hold fast to the ones you love. When it seems like all else is lost, hold fast.

Serienna has been wounded in battle and is hanging onto life by a thread. Her sister has the ability to heal her but it leaves her with amnesia. She is in a struggle to regain her memory. Without her to fulfill the prophesy, the world will be destroyed by a power-hungry vampire. Will her soul mate be able to help her break down the mental wall to free her memories?



Betrayal cover wrap


Author pic Tich Brewster

Tich Brewster


Tich is an Oklahoma resident and the mother of five. Her passion for reading started at an early age when her Aunt Vicky gave her the novel Heidi for Christmas. She didn’t start writing until middle school, after being inspired by her best friend’s short stories. “Genny’s stories weren’t just great but they inspired me to put my pen and paper to good use.” Tich never thought of publishing her works until working with Teresa on the Royal Blood series.

author pic Teresa Fuentez

Teresa Fuentez


Teresa grew up in Oklahoma and developed a love for reading and writing at an early age. She currently resides in Virginia and is the mother of two wonderful boys. Her inspiration comes from her family. She would like to give a special thanks to her Mom, Dad, her twin Chumeica, her grandmother for believing in her even when others didn’t, Tich for encouraging her to take that first step in publishing, and especially her two boys.

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