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Wild Girls Rule
by Rosalie Lario
Everly Brothers #1
Publication Date: September 29, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Wild girls get what they want…

After moving to New York City, Hailey Thompson lands a job as the assistant to her older brother’s best friend – and her childhood crush – Andrew Everly. Seeing Andrew again both thrills and terrifies her. The lighthearted boy she remembers has grown into an impossibly handsome man, but he’s also become a cold and ruthless businessman.

When Andrew agrees to hire Hailey as a favor to his childhood friend, he still thinks of her as the fresh-faced girl that he knew growing up. On the contrary, she’s all woman. Temptation in a short skirt. As alluring as she is though, the little beauty is far too flighty for a man like him…not to mention that he’s her boss.

As Andrew secretly struggles with his self-control, Hailey does everything in her power to crack his rigid façade. After being forced to spend a weekend away together on business, Andrew’s rigorously sculpted mask of discipline begins to slip, and Hailey gladly takes advantage of the opportunity to educate him in the ways of seduction. He can claim all he wants that he likes his women elegant and controlled, but Hailey knows a dirty little secret…when it comes to matters of the heart, wild girls rule.

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“You’ll be sitting right here.” Miranda pointed toward a steel desk cut into a nook beside a set of dark wood doors. It looked like a miniature version of the front reception desk, complete with black leather chair. In other words, like Corporate America Hell.

Oh god, what am I doing here?

Making sure she could actually afford to eat, that was what.


Thanks.” Hailey set her purse on the desk, but Miranda continued without stopping. Rolling her eyes at the woman’s not so subtle power trip, Hailey grabbed the bag and rushed after Miranda once more.

“This is my office.” Miranda motioned toward an open door almost directly across from Hailey’s nook. When Hailey peeked in, she saw a small room with an elegant desk and a view most people would kill for.

And she has a direct line of sight to my desk from hers. Awe-some.

“And these doors lead into Mr. Everly’s office, of course,” Miranda said, moving toward the double doors.

“Great.” Mindful of the receptionist’s statement that Andrew was out at meetings, Hailey asked, “Will Mr. Everly be in sometime today?”

Without answering, Miranda gave two soft knocks, waited for several beats, and then slid open one of the doors. The murmur of a low, velvety voice floated to Hailey’s ears.

Her stomach did a sudden, unexpected flop, turning her inside out. After close to two decades of wondering how Andrew had grown up, she was about to witness it firsthand. That thought was exciting, and more than a little nerve-wracking.

At Miranda’s curt nod, she stepped forward and through the door. It led her into a large, elegantly appointed office with floor-to-ceiling windows lining two of the walls. An ivory leather couch sat against one of the windows, and an L-shaped mahogany desk had been set in front of the other. However, it wasn’t the scenery that held Hailey’s attention, but the tall, commanding man standing by the desk.

He wore a dark-blue, tailored suit that probably cost more than Hailey’s last car, and his dark hair was trimmed above the collar. His back was to her, giving her just a hint of his figure beneath the suit, and what she saw so far looked damn good. Unless the suit was cut to conceal his flaws—and no suit could be that good— he kept himself in top physical form.

He also held himself commandingly, in full control of his body from his head to his feet. No weight resting on one foot or the other, or a hand casually slung in a pocket. No, this man had both feet firmly planted on the ground and spread shoulder-width apart. He owned this space; there wasn’t an inkling of doubt about that.

Andrew. Had to be. Though she couldn’t see his face, the way her body reacted to his presence made his identity clear. Every cell tingled with awareness, and a tremor of heat flared between her thighs.

Yum… He can boss me around any day.

Better yet, she could command him. There was nothing hotter than seeing a sexy, dominant man submit to desire.

A sleek cell phone held to his ear, the man turned to face her. Andrew’s unmistakable blue gaze speared her, and something flashed in his eyes momentarily, followed by a glimmer of recognition.

Her pulse skyrocketed quicker than a volley of fireworks on the fourth of July.

God, he’s even more handsome now.

At fifteen years of age, he’d been a stunner, with a long, straight nose, angular jaw, and gorgeous light-blue eyes. But the scrawniness of youth had been replaced by hard, sleek muscle, and the firm jaw was now covered with a sexy five o’clock shadow. He was, in a word, irresistible, and her body knew it. It propelled her slightly forward, as if pulled to him by the force of gravity.

Andrew gave her a brief smile and a nod, acknowledging her presence, but any delight she hoped to see wasn’t there. In fact, he looked decidedly underwhelmed to see her.

Simmer down, Hails. She forced herself to remain in her spot.

Whatever response she’d been anticipating, he certainly wasn’t falling over in lust. Not like her.

Disappointment quashed the butterflies in her stomach. Apparently, her dream of instant attraction followed by an energetic round of horizontal mambo on top of his desk wasn’t going to happen. Too bad, because the more she looked at the perfectly sculpted body hidden beneath that suit, the hotter she got.

“That sounds satisfactory,” Andrew said. The low tenor of his voice tore her gaze from the vicinity of his crotch.


Fighting the inane urge to giggle, she moved her gaze up to his face.

 About the Author

Rosalie Lario

Rosalie Lario is the author of the contemporary romance series, THE EVERLY BROTHERS, as well as the paranormal romance series, DEMONS OF INFERNUM and THE FALLEN WARRIORS. Rosalie double majored in Anthropology and Classics as an undergraduate student, and briefly considered becoming an archaeologist before realizing they don’t actually live the life of Indiana Jones. So what was a classical geek armed with a lot of useless knowledge to do? Become a lawyer, of course!

After attending law school in Florida, she practiced real estate law for several years before finally admitting to herself that negotiating contracts wasn’t nearly as fun as dreaming up stories. When not writing, you can find her on a boat somewhere along South Florida’s waterways, chasing down a rainbow or pretending to be a pirate.


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