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Announcement from Michelle – The Sassy Bookista

This is an announcement from me…
Michelle – The Sassy Booksista

As much as it pains me, I am taking an unknown hiatus from posting.  This includes all general posts including cover reveals, blitz’s, blog tours. and release day’s.

I believe I owe an explanation to all followers, authors and promo teams.  If I were following a specific blog and all the sudden they weren’t answering my comments or keeping up with scheduled posting dates I would want to know why.

I’ll begin with a bit of background…

My childhood, teen years and even adult life revolved around riding horses.  I rode English style and entered many competitions for dressage and eventing.  I even trained with Olympic and famous riders.  At age 12, I was flown – by myself – to Vermont and rode many different horses with many different trainers.  I ate, breathed and slept horses and riding and training.  It was my life, my everything, until it wasn’t.

The accident happened shortly after I was married in 2000.  There have been 4 surgeries, 1 spinal stimulator and 1 pain pump implanted.  Although things are better and I am functioning day-to-day, I do live day-to-day.  Some days I wake up and feel like a million bucks.  Others?  Well, others are terrible.  In bed or on the sofa with my head resting back.  I had a job I adored.  Practice manager for a large internal medicine office.  I was the breadwinner of our family.  After exhausting the FMLA and short-term disability I asked them to fill my position.  I could no longer hold gainful employment as I wouldn’t know how I would feel from one day to the next.

When I asked for my position to be filled I was gutted.  I loved riding – it was my life and I was forced to stop.  Then, I worked hard at propelling my career in medicine so that seemed to fill the void.  When I was forced to stop that, well I turned to reading.  I always loved losing myself in an authors words.  It became the balm for my loses.  It became an ointment for my pain being able to lay in bed with my kindle, 1st edition, and read.  To forget my problems and read – as characters I thought were super revealed problems of their own and how they overcame them.  I was constantly reading and reviewing on goodreads and amazon.  I thought it would help even more to start the blog.  And here I am.  I love blogging.  Revealing things from promo teams or authors first.  Seeing them first and getting them to other readers and followers is amazing!

But… the cycle that has become my life continues.   I have scheduled cover reveals or blog tours and that information is sent at a certain time prior to the post date.  Unfortunately, some days I can sit on the sofa with the laptop and get them done.  Other days I simply can’t.  I despise not being able to execute on my given day.  I hate not being able to meet all my commitments.  So I’m taking time away.  The Sassy Bookista blog will stay available – I’m NOT closing it because there are many reviews and other information that I’d like to stay available to other bloggers, authors, readers and followers.

THANK YOU to all who have had a hand in making me love this!  Thanks to all followers and visitors to my site!

Happy reading!!

Michelle – The Sassy Bookista 🙂


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